Traveling Wilburys

Christian and I met in Massachusetts where we lived together for eight years? Seven years? Who knows. All I know is we celebrate ten years of sweet, marital bliss this August.

happy little gardens
happy little gardens

We lived in a teensy, tiny town called Wilbraham. What a silly name! WILBRAHAM? Are we hobits?! We called it Wilby, or Wilbyville, or as my dad referred to it, “Wilbityshitsville”. I’m not even sure why he picked that name because the town is actually kinda nice. (Maybe it was the drive leading to Wilby, which contained “The Magic Lantern” strip club and “Miss Piggy’s” porn shop. HA.) We lived there for probably too long. We still own a home there, it sits on two acres and our lives seemed to be dedicated to maintaining it. F that. Although I do miss gardening… wait do I? I’m not sure. I think I just miss my own land and filling it with pretty things. Damn, we made that yard RAD Y’ALL. I’ll post pics someday, maybe.

We moved to California 2+ years ago. I no longer garden because my acreage is non-existent and two sides of our property are our neighbor’s homes. Succulents require very little attention. Maybe Californians have life figured out? Anytoot, we needed a serious change from our lives in Wilby and we sure as hell got just that in Laguna Beach.

Southern California is a different world compared to the rest of the country as I know it. How can somewhere be so sunny all the time? According to Sperling’s Best Places, Laguna has 281 sunny days in the year. To put this in perspective, Wilbyville has 191 sunny days with around 71 days of precipitation. Man, it’s just so mild here. And then while I’m on this website, just for kicks… let’s just check out the median price of homes in Laguna vs Wilby. That would be $1,803,000 vs $267,500. I mean is the sun really worth THAT MUCH MORE!??!?!?!??!

Apparently so–and we’re living proof that if you hate the snow and winter that much you will pay 4x more for a home with a fraction of the space. But in Southern California you don’t need a yard. You have parks and trails and it never rains! It’s always tolerable weather. Sometimes it dips into the 60s and 50s in the winter and all hell breaks loose. I love/hate when Californians complain about the cold weather. They stop going for bike rides when its below 70 degrees. They get depressed after a couple days of rain. Oh, it’s so silly. If they only knew! And if you don’t know either — stay tuned!

there we are...
traveling wilburys

We do miss living in a home that we own though. And if you hadn’t already assumed, we don’t own a $1.8 million home here. We rent and we still pay 4x more than our Massachusetts mortgage. This is where the Xennial thing comes into play. What are we doing? When am I going to grow up? Are we EVER going to grow up? I hadn’t felt like this much of a drifting vagabond until we moved here. I had a friend here who was always telling me how cool our lives were because we were always exploring. We left all our friends and families on the East Coast. I never really felt cool for doing that? It was more out of necessity. However, I am still aware of how different my life is than most of my Xennial peers.

Now having said all this… while I’m a bigger drifter now and feel less tied to any life decisions here, I kinda feel like this is what’s supposed to be happening. I think our lives became stagnant in Wilbraham. We don’t have kids and if there’s any reason to live in  Wilbraham, it is to raise a family. I LIKE drifting! I think I’m not good at committing to certain things. I like the option of change. Some days I do wish I had been at my job for many years so I had some seniority and my stupid 401k was worth more… Alas, I’ve been on the go and changing jobs too much. HOMEGIRL CAN NEVER GET AHEAD. But what’s more important? My day to day happiness and sanity at a job? Or my retirement fund? Tough choice….

katie and finn, BFFsBut speaking of drifting and moving and shaking and whatnot. Moving across the country with nobody but your spouse and your pup, IS FREAKIN SCARY DUDE. For the first three months of living here, I was unemployed. And boy was I bored. We temporarily shacked up in an 800 sq ft apartment which I kept INSANELY CLEAN. Every day I took Finn to the dog park, I’d work out or go for a hike, I’d make lunch, and then I would apply to 7,000 jobs. Usually, there was an interview or meeting of some sort, a FaceTime session with a niece or two. But this was my life. I liked to be done with all my “errands” and “job duties” (?) by 2pm so then I could settle in and binge watch the entire 90210 series before 4pm when Christian came home. I had a goal to finish the series before I got a job. cooking feverYa gotta have #goals. Praise the Lord the day I got that job and again had meaning in my life. Finn never had it so good in those three months of hanging out 24/7. I forgot the best part! Since I was jobless and only had one duty in life (to exercise Finn outside of our shoebox apt) I became hooked on COOKING FEVER. I also became obsessed with how many steps I took in a day. The minute I started working Cooking Fever went out the window, and I stopped wearing my FitBit.

Life is scary but turns out I am actually happier being scared and taking chances (and blowing thousands on rent) than I am of living a boring, safe life in a town that offers us nothing. But man, did we have some SWEET gardens.

Pfff, what else was I gonna do?

an extremely unimpressive picture in baby garden years… still, better than succulents and pavement

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